Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marcie's Lyric Picks Vol. 5: World Cup Edition

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A Song Is Born: In The Artist's Own Words:

"The edge defines us. The border where time as we know it ends. All that came before is defined by all that will happen after.

What were we racing toward?

What did our time mean?
What game did we play?
Did we win or did we lose?

Fight for your passion, fight...for your love.


We find meaning in our existence in a multitude of ways, including through
Art, Sports, Education, and Love. We pursue activities that foster self
expression, discovery, and actualization. We are born equipped with a vast
reservoir of energy to dispel across a lifetime, living to define
ourselves. Overcoming hurdles, we seek moments of transcendence, love that
knows no bounds, and goals worth chasing deep into the abyss of the great

We learn that regrets don't arise from losing. Regrets rear their
ugly heads when we feel we didn't work hard enough, didn't live up to our
potential, gave up too easily, or cut corners that cost us the game. Regrets
are what darken our edge making it a scary destination.

We are inspired by those who seem to approach their edge fearlessly. Those
who storm it full force, or casually meander up to it with self
assurance, recognizing it isn't the finish line.

Winning or losing was never the goal, our journey is always more important
than its end. Stand by each other, for when we all hold hands, nobody goes
over the edge alone...."

LYRICS: World's End

At the end of the world, would you hold my hand
Would you stand by me, would you understand
When the bell it tolls for the end to come
Will you stand by me, watch it come undone

At the end of the world would you run with me
At the end of the world would you come to me
Cuz i'm never gonna give up this fight
I'm gonna be holding on tonight

Raise it up
we're screaming loud
Raise it up
we're screaming loud

There's a champion who lives inside of anyone who tries
Don't turn it down, find the will to survive
And on the field we'll be running hard
Sweatin tears, and crying out our prayers to god

(Will you hold my hand)

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