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Marcie's Lyric Picks Volume 4: Let's Sing-a-Long!

Marcie's Lyric Picks Volume 4: Let's Sing-a-Long!

I had two sing-a-long experiences recently. When I performed at Luminosity, I had a chance to sing tracks I've written, while people in the crowd were singing the words back to me. It was an incredible feeling to know that we were sharing a musical thought in real time that way. The next night I attended Trance Energy, and caught Emma Hewitt's live performance of 'Waiting'. I stood in the crowd with thousands of others, singing along with Emma. When the chorus hit, Dash Berlin dropped the music down to silence, and a roar of voices sang out the chorus line, "I'm Waaaaiiiiting". It was beautifully powerful, and gave me shivers in a truly ecstatic crowd moment.

The sing-a-long moment at Trance Energy highlighted the power of the human voice. It's breathtaking how a large crowd singing together sounds like one uniform voice. One voice that is in no need of autotune, or amplification. One voice that doesn't need a backing track to cover any imperfections. One single voice alone on a track, (like 'Waiting'), can speak to a million souls. When all those souls sing the song out together, a million souls become one.

Here are some of my favorite tracks to sing along to.

1) Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt- Waiting (see above)
I found this clip on youtube if you'd like to get a taste of Emma live at Trance Energy:

2) Ace of Bass- The Sign

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong...

These lyrics have to be sung with confidence! They are a declaration of independence fueled on the power that comes from leaving toxic influences behind us.

2) Gloria Gaynour- I Will Survive
Check out Gloria singing live in 1979:

As long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive!

I've never heard this track played without a large group of people singing out this triumphant cry. This is music as personal renewal.

3) Ida Corr- Let me think about it

You saying baby
I'll take you for a ride
Let's get together
Work it all night....let me think about it.

The hook here is super flirtatious. It's fun to sing along with, move our bodies, and think about what might come later... It's definitely a line that can be delivered with sass.

4) Armin van Buuren & Roger Shah feat. Chris Jones- Going Wrong

And I can't see today
And I can't see tomorrow
You're burning out my head....
Even if it's going wrong

In his exclusive interview for 'Behind The Lyric', Chris Jones said it was his experience performing 'Going Wrong' live that convinced him he had penned a lyric that everyone could relate to. He said, " When you're playing it live, and absolutely everybody in that singing it back to you onstage, it gives you that special feeling.....That's the reason that people are in this game....that was always a dream of mine when I was younger: to write a song, and have thousands of people singing back your lyrics...."

(Listen to Chris Jones' interview here:

5) Roger Shah feat. Inger Hansen- Don't wake me up

In 'Behind The Lyric- Episode 8', Inger tells us that he tried to speak of common emotions in this track. We all get lost in our dream worlds, and we all wish at times our real lives were more how we imagine them. It can be painful to wake up from a good dream. But, sometimes we sing out loud to wake ourselves up from reality, and enter the dream state that is music.

6) Above & Beyond feat. Ashley Tomberlin- Can't Sleep
(This is the only footage I could find of Ashley live):

And I can't sleep... You're so far away from me
And I can't sleep... And I can't sleep

We have all had nights plagued by the elusiveness of sleep. and then fallen victim to the vicious cycle of stress and insomnia. All we can think about is the fact that we are hurting so badly, and that we can't sleep. And the more we think about it, the more we stay awake. When I hear this song and I'm alone, I may not sing along with it, but just let the words and melody seep into my soul. Ironically, hearing a song sung so gently and emotionally about insomnia can make it easier to relax, which can make it easier to sleep. Singing along can be a soothing way to participate in a relaxing form of meditation.

7) Motorcycle feat. Jes- As The Rush Comes

It's quite obvious that Jes and her audience have an incredible exchange of energy when she performs live. She is a fantastic performer, and because her songs are recognized by so many in the crowd, the crowd is not only watching a show, but participating in it by singing along, and making personal contact with Jes.

8) Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin- Made of Love

It just feels amazing to sing 'We're all made of Love' when standing in a crowd. The line brings everyone together.

Let's think about the potential here.... we all need to use our voice. It's one of our best tools for creating the world we want. So please remember to sing out loud with each other, be heard, and listen to the voices around you.

Stay tuned for more of Marcie's Lyric Picks right here. For more thoughts straight from your favourite Artists on their own lyrics, check out "Marcie presents Behind The lyric" at

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