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Marcie’s Lyric Picks Vol. 3: Getting To Know You

Many Trance songs speak of how we are affected by the people in our lives. I have invited Sameer Mohamed, aka Birdman, to be a guest on “Lyric Picks” today. We will look at how trance lyrics address the comings and goings of people in our lives. It is fun to dig deep and discuss the meaning of a song with another listener. We may never figure out what the writer truly intended, but we will grow to know each other through the conversation. I can always count on Birdman to make me stop and think, and he is just one example of the amazing people I have met around the world through a shared love of music! I hope you will enjoy this column, as we welcome you to join our conversation as well.

1) Jes – People Will Go

“People will go
People will come”

Birdman: I think the lyrics above summarize the crux of the matter I am trying to convey today: People come into your life for a reason, and people leave your life for a reason. Personally I believe each experience or social encounter in life is a learning opportunity, either about you or the other person involved. It is up to the individual to find the lesson implicated. The individual needs to introspect, understand and analyze to allow growth from the experience.

Marcie: I read a quote recently that goes right along with this, Sameer! It’s from a book called ‘Practicing The Power of Now, and says, “…if you accept that the relationship is here to make you conscious instead of happy, then the relationship will offer you salvation….” This quote has altered my perspective about my own relationships. Relationships are not meant to fill every void I feel in my soul. They aren’t meant to ‘complete’ me. They are meant to make me aware of my journey through life and to allow me to focus on the here and now, instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. I am grateful to the people in my life who grab my attention and help me accept and fully experience the here and now.

2) Arnej feat Josie – Strangers We’ve Become

“We fell so hard, so young
look at the strangers we’ve become”

Birdman: Off the cuff, it would seem that the lyric speaks only to the aspect of people leaving your life. Well it does in a sense, but I think we need to look prior to the incident of friends becoming strangers. Looking back to our youth, there would be many an instance where we would deem ourselves as not with the best of manner and behaviour. Ultimately, the petty childish behaviour and traits from our self or the other party involved led to a breaking tie in a friendship. I think now as adults, we should ponder the variables of our youth to allow ourselves not to fall into the same traps of “friendship” again.

I believe that an incident is only a mistake when you do it for the second time around. Use the experiences of the people who are out of your life as an assessment criterion of those you now allow in, and on the same note, adjust traits of yourself from the past that pushed people away – to allow people to let you into their life.
Marcie: Everyone deserves a chance. We are all very busy, and it’s impossible to meet and know everyone around us. I don’t think every relationship is meant to last forever, but every interaction teaches us something we can carry forward.

3) Mazzy Star- Into Dust

“It was you breathless and tall
I could feel my eyes turning into dust
And two strangers turning into dust
Turning into dust”

Marcie: For me, this is about fleeting moments with others, and how losing someone important can make us feel we have lost everything we are made of.

4) Cor Fijneman ft. Melissa Mathes – Disappear (Cliff Coenraad & Thomas Hagenbeek Repimp)

“What are you waiting for?
I might disappear
I really need to know
I need to know”

Birdman: As human beings we are generally oblivious to what is good for us. The person we are searching for, the completion of our being and soul could be right under our noses. People are in your life for a moment, for a reason, do not let them disappear.

Marcie: When I hear these lyrics, I hear a desperate plea from a person caught up in a passionate entanglement. There’s desperation here, for while she is saying she may not be there forever, I think deep down she feels that she has no choice but to wait. She cannot turn off her emotions, even though logically she knows that she should walk away. Passion can lead us to traps that are not good for us, but are difficult to escape from. Passion can also illuminate our priorities, and cloud our judgments.

5) The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides In The Deep

“A little pearl
Locked in a shell…
Beauty hides in the deep”

Birdman: A direct stem from the above, personally I don’t make friends or acquaintances – I make brothers and sisters. To find those people who are not of your blood yet they pulsate through every heartbeat of your being, is no easy feat. Their beauty hides in the deep, it is up to us to find it – before they disappear.

Marcie: This is so well said, Sameer! I don’t always find it easy to like everyone around me, or to accept my own faults or the faults of others. We’re all human, with limits as to what makes us comfortable, and how close we allow ourselves to get to others. I like to believe that people usually have good intentions. Most people are more complicated than we give them credit for. It’s worth it to try to see people for who they really are. Often this is how we learn about ourselves as well.

6) Armin van Buuren feat. Jennifer Rene- Fine Without You

“You’ve made it clear now
This is the end
No more goodbyes and sympathies from me
All you still want is a physical thing
But you’ve taken enough from me”

Marcie: How much change do we accept in a relationship? That answer is different for everyone. I don’t find it’s healthy to allow myself to become drained from too much more give than take. I think these lyrics are about reaching our bottom line, where we decide we won’t give up any more of our energy to save a relationship.

7) Kirsty Hawkshaw Meets Tenishia – Reasons To Forgive (The Blizzard Remix)

“I focus on the positive
Remember why I live
Thank you for reminding me
Reasons to forgive”

Birdman: Again as humans, we have flaws. A sad one is finding a reason to forgive. If a person is out of your life due to a breach of trust or promise, we need to look past the nostalgia, and not find a reason to forgive. Trust is earned.

Marcie: I see what you’re saying here, Sameer. If someone has proven untrustworthy, then we shouldn’t be naive and allow them to regain our trust only to hurt us again. I agree that the lyrics address how difficult it is to trust, but I also think forgiveness is helping Kirsty find a way to trust again.

I think forgiveness is something that can be granted without giving others a free pass to hurt us. In my mind, forgiveness is meant to liberate ourselves from the suffering that comes with holding on to our pain. When we forgive someone, we are not condoning their actions. We are not seeking reconciliation. We are forgiving in order to gain an inner peace that comes from taking our life experience less personally, and we are moving forward with a positive outlook on the future.

Thanks to Birdman for taking time to discuss his feelings about lyrics with me. Thank YOU for joining in as readers! Let’s keep getting to know each other.

Stay tuned for more of Marcie’s Lyric Picks right here. For more thoughts straight from your favourite Artists on their own lyrics, check out “Marcie presents Behind The lyric” at MUGASHA

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What's in a name? What do your parents call you? How about your friends and family? Do you have a name shared by many others? Do you use your full name, or a nickname? Would you change your name?

I asked some of today's well known trance vocalists to tell us about their names. Keep reading for well considered thoughts from Emma Hewitt, Betsie Larkin, Aruna, Tiff Lacey, Linnea Schossow, Szen, Meighan Nealon, Michelle K, Elsa Hill, Emma Lock, Lorilee DeSchryver, and Marcie. Do their names mean to themselves what they mean to you?


Most people go by more than one name in their day to day life. Pseudonyms and aliases exist all over in cyberspace, where we assume an online persona; whether it be a full fledge avatar for online gaming, or a slight variation on the name our parents gave us. In a way, picking a screenname is akin to getting a tattoo. It's a mark of identity that we select ourselves at one point in time, share publicly, (and may regret at a later age!)

A name often tells people about our status in society, our chosen profession, etc. When a medical student graduates, they are able to put “Dr.” in front of their name, signifying the level of competence they have achieved. Elders are predicated with special titles, as a show of respect. Lovers become 'honey' or 'babe', or have special nicknames for each other that exist in context only within the relationship and signify an intimate bond. A DJ sticks two letters in front of his or her name to distinguish what they do with music.

Sometimes performers take a stage name in order to separate their artistic self from their day to day self, and the name is worn like a costume to help them inhabit their character and their art more fully. A performer often dons not only costumes on stage and in videos, but has a name that takes on a larger than life identity all its own: Think Madonna, Prince, Armin, or Elvis. Sometimes Artists change their names when they change styles, as a tool of reinvention, or as a declaration of change and growth in their skills, taste, and style.

A signature documents an interaction. We sign our names to contracts, and we collect autographs of those we admire. An autograph marks a time and place, and somehow gives the recipient's own name greater status by association. How often do you hear people in all walks of life name dropping to get a step up, find common ground, or garner respect? Being allowed to refer to someone by a more personal diminutive or moniker, rather than their formal name signifies rank, and distinguishes a relationship from casual to close.


I don’t think there exists a comprehensive listing of the meanings of every name in existence. But here are some sites to check out if you are curious about etymology.

The etymology & history of first names:

This Wikipedia page with a list of popular names around the world, based on region:

An article describing how different languages and cultures form names:


Question 1: What is your full name? What is your Nickname? Is it different than your stage name? If so, how did you choose your stage name?

EMMA HEWITT: My full name is Emma-Louise Hewitt. My first name is hyphenated, which makes it a little long, so I always dropped the second part of it. I only got called by my full name when I was in trouble. I never had a stage name, as the first dance track I released was under my real name, so I just decided to keep it that way. It would have been nice to have come up with some kind of creative stage name, but I never gave it much thought until after I had released some tracks. So I guess I am just plain old me! ;)

BETSIE LARKIN: My legal name is Elizabeth, but my parents decided to have me go by Betsie. I'm not the only Elizabeth that goes by Betsie, though I admit, the two names are almost completely different. Now I can't imagine being called Elizabeth... I feel more like a Betsie :)

Tiffany Dixon Cook. Tiffers is a pet name. One of my friends always used to call me Dixey as she found my middle name hilarious. Ironically before I met my husband I used to get called TC (TopCat), which is weird as now technically I am TC. I suppose Tiff Lacey is my stage name, but as it is my maiden name it doesn't really seem like a stage name as such.

MARCIE: My real first name and stage name has always been Marcie. I had a few nicknames growing up…'Peanut' and 'Giggles' are two, because I was tiny for my age, and laughed a lot. I remember going to camp as a kid, and the administrators asked parents to write down camper's nicknames. They most likely meant if your full name was 'Elizabeth', to let them know if you were a 'Beth' or a 'Liz'. My dad wrote down 'Peanut', and when I showed up on the first day, my name tag read, 'Hi, my name is Peanut'. I was horrified!! I made them change it as quickly as possible, since at that point I felt much too old to be called Peanut.(I think I was six years old. Hahaha!)

LINNEA SCHÖSSOW: My name is Linnea Schössow. It’s not so different than my stage name ;) since the two dots over my o is the only thing taken away from my stage name…nickname, humm…some people call me Lin or just Schössow. Why I choose my name as a stage name well…I dunno I guess it works fine as it is...I didn’t have other names in my mind.

MICHELLE RICHER: My real name is Michelle Koeth. My stage name is different - it's Michelle Richer. Richer is a family name on the French-Canadian side of my family. I chose Richer as a stage name since I admire French culture, and wanted to identify further with my French roots (which include a distant relation to Celine Dion - she's a twelfth cousin).

MEIGHAN NEALON: Okay, so I was told that I spelled my name wrong in elementary school, but I'd always argue that it wasn't spelled wrong, and that it was just a unique way of spelling it. Anyway, M E I G H A N is very common for the last name of a man and woman. It's of a Welsh origin. I like to think the meaning is BEAUTIFUL TREE. By coincidence, the name also has a meaning in Mandarin. The first syllable MEI sounds like Beautiful, the second syllable GHAN sounds like TREE. So it means, beautiful tree.

I have a few nick names. I remember one being "Extra" (I guess I had lots of energy). My aunt used to call me that. My sister still calls me Gordan. That was a name from a victim in some horror film that the monster was after. She always whispers "Gggooordan" to get me scared (maybe on youtube I can tell you how she says it…!creepy!). It's really funny actually. I call her it too, probably more than by her real name. And, my cousins call me Egumss, still not sure why, but they make it sound really funny and I like it.

EMMA LOCK: My full Name is Emma Lock, nickname Em's,
I kept my stage name as my real name as I tried having stage names and it was just weird as people in the street called me by it, and I was getting confused; and business banking was hard too, as if I had two personalities. So it’s just me, Emma Lock...

ARUNA: Aruna Abrams. I used to call myself Rue during my teenage years after I got tired of people mispronouncing, misspelling and/or making fun of Aruna.

LORILEE: Lorilee Patricia DeSchryver..stage name.."Lorilee"

ELSA HILL: Full name is Elsa Hill.

SZEN:My real name is Sandra (pronounced in the English version and with a rolling r (as we use in Holland). Most of my friends call me San (pronounced Son), or Sannie (pronounced Sunny). Some people call me or Sennie or Sen (as in sand without the d).
On stage with my band I don’t use a stage name. People know me as Sandra. As with the band I mainly sing soul and rock I really wanted to have a different name and image for the trance/dance scene. The name Szen was easy to pick. My little niece (who I love to bits) always calls me Sen or Sennie. Her name is Krista and I always call her Sis or Sissie. Due to the link to my niece, the name Sen makes me smile. I wanted to add something extra and as trance music makes a person "zen" the name Szen seemed logical. I think it suits me and what I do as a trance/dance vocalist.

QUESTION 2: Are you named after anyone in particular? Why did your parent(s)/guardian(s) choose to give you your name? Does it have a specific origin or meaning for them?

EMMA HEWITT: I think my parents got Emma-Louise from the country singer Emmy-Lou Harris. My Dad and Granpa always called me Emmy-Lou when I was young.

ELSA HILL: Grandma's name was Eleanor. Mom looked under El in a book for naming children and found Elsa.

MARCIE: My parents named me after my grandmother's oldest sister, Mabel Julia. My grandmother was the youngest of 8 siblings, and suffered the loss of both her parents before she was 10 years old. Her siblings shared the job of raising her, but she was closest to her eldest sister, Mabel Julia, who was like a mother to her. My mom decided not to use that name exactly, as she worried the name would sound too old fashioned. She chose Marcie Joy since it had the same initials, and 'Joy' because it seems she was very happy to have me. :)

LINNEA SCHÖSSOW: Well Linnea is the name of a little pink flower which got the name from the famous Carl Von Linne who was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who laid the foundations for the modern scheme of binomial nomenclature. I have no idea why my parents choose this name for me but i guess they thought it fit me. Schössow is a common name from Germany.

TIFF LACEY: I am named after a track called "A Gem From Tiffany" by Shelly Manne - it's jazz baby yeah ;0) My Dad named me. I don't know what was going on in his head at the time but I was the only Tiffany for a long time, not so much now. I'd like to think I was the original; I'm certainly old enough to be LOL ;)

ARUNA: The name was suggested by my Indian godfather, who named me after his daughter. In Hindi it means "sunrise", as in Indian mythology Arun was the driver of the chariot that pulled Surya the sun god across the sky. Aruna is the female version.

EMMA LOCK: My Parents liked the name I guess nothing more than that, it was quite popular at the time.

LORILEE DeSCHRYVER: My name was picked from a song in the 70' said "pretty Lorilee" in it. It wasn't a big hit, my parents owned the 45 record of it and I listened to it when I was about 5 yrs old.

SZEN: No, there’s no special meaning behind it. They just liked the name and thought it sounded nice combined with my sisters name (Marjan).

QUESTION 3: What does your name mean to you?

ELSA HILL: My name means "unique" to me.

MARCIE: I read in a baby name book, that the origin of my name means 'warlike'. I don't think I'm a warlike person, and a 'Warlike Joy' is a funny concept, so I’m sure my parents didn’t intend that. However, my parents did raise me to be strong minded. I am a fighter for the things I believe in, but I don’t believe that war is the answer to the world’s problems. I like that my name is connected to a relative who was a caring and maternal figure. I wish she had lived long enough for me to meet her.

When I introduce myself as 'Marcie' to people whom I suspect know my music, I feel much differently than when I introduce myself to people who I'm pretty sure would not know to connect my name to music. I understand that my identity is tied up with 'Marcie, the artist'. Hearing a fan call my name out is a lot different than hearing my mom do so. When my mom uses my name, I know that my name signifies my lifetime worth of interactions with her, and has much more nuance than my stage name. I work to be authentic in my art, but as all art is representative, my stage name will never encompass all sides of me.

LINNEA SCHÖSSOW: What my name means to me…well haha i dunno..I guess it’s my signature :)

MEIGHAN NEALON: I always keep an open, positive mind. I appreciate everything, and everyone around me. I do things that make me happy and healthy. With this beautiful attitude, it will allow me to grow, like a tree.

TIFF LACEY: Confusion. I get called Stefanie, Trish or other things. I'm rarely called by my full name (Tiffany). By my close circle, i.e. family and friends, Tiff is more comfortable to me. It always seemed I was in trouble when I got called Tiffany ;) I learned a while back that my name actually derives from Epiphany which may be why I feel so connected to Christ.

QUESTION 4: Are you happy with your name? (i.e., do you think it suits you? Were you ever made fun of for your name?) If not, what would you prefer?

EMMA HEWITT: I guess it suits me, I have always been called it, so it would be strange to be called any other name I suppose. I would have liked a cooler name like Coco or a boy's name like Charlie or Jamie perhaps, but I can't see myself as any of those...

TIFF LACEY: I think my name suits me but I'm definitely a Tiff rather than a Tiffany. I did get made fun of, but it was character building. Kids can be gits to each other, I'm sure I was no angel either ;)

MARCIE: I am used to being the only Marcie in most groups, and I've liked that privilege. I don't meet many other Marcie's, and if I do, they rarely spell their name the same way. When I was a kid, I sometimes wished my last name started with a letter higher up in the alphabet because it seemed teachers often called names in alphabetical order, and I had to wait too long to be called. If I think too much about my name, it starts to feel quite abstracted and distant. Sometimes I feel weird saying my name out loud as I'm definitely used to hearing it more than saying it.

EMMA LOCK: My name means Treasure Lake... I am happy with my name. It’s simple and easy to remember.

ARUNA: So much of our identity and our past I feel is bound up in our names, especially for me I guess because mine is so unique and also because it’s my stage name. Sometimes as a spiritual exercise I try dissociating from my name, and just sort of feel my own soul, without any labels. It helps me to discover who it is that’s sitting behind these eyes looking out at the world if I’m not constantly putting that person in a box. At the same time, I feel a lot of love and honor towards my name, since it’s a reflection of myself.

LORILEE DeSCHRYVER: Hmm...To me it feels like a positive name...Like the color yellow.

SZEN: I am not really that connected to the name Sandra. People that call me Sandra are often people that are not that close. People that are close to me always use my nicknames.

BETSIE LARKIN: I was made fun of a bit when I was grade school for my name. People would say that Betsie was a cow's or a dog's name. I didn't let it bother me and I think as a result it didn't continue. I think the name Betsie calls up images of the south (I did grow up in Texas)... "Betsie's" would be a good name for a diner that serves pie and root beer floats.

ELSA HILL: I like my name and really felt is was convenient while growing up. The worst the kids could tease me with was "Elsa...salsa!"

LINNEA SCHÖSSOW: Sure I’m happy with my, nobody made fun of my name :) They have just difficulties to pronounce my last name correctly.

MICHELLE KOETH: My nickname to close friends is "Michy" (Mish-ee) and I feel as though this better suits me than the longer and more serious sounding "Michelle." I like to think although I can be serious, analytical and intense sometimes, in total, I'm just kind of a casual goofy person. I like to entertain people and make them laugh also whenever possible. Michy has this goofy prankster ring to it that sounds about right to me.

MEIGHAN NEALON: I always keep an open positive mind. I appreciate everything and everyone around me. I do things that make me happy and healthy. With this beautiful attitude, it will allow me to grow, like a tree.

EMMA LOCK: I guess you don't get to choose your name like you don't get to choose you, family, and your life- you just learn to love them, just like you learn to love your name and yourself in life

ARUNA: I am now. In fact I feel blessed to have such a unique and exotic sounding name. It works great as a stage name and a brand, and somehow seems to fit perfectly with the sound of my voice and the more uplifting, sensual kind of dance music I do.

LORILEE DeSCHRYVER: I love my first name. To me it’s a little dorky, but so am I! I like my last name too.

SZEN: Hm, I think Sandra is a very ordinary name, if I would ever have a girl I have some names in mind (that link to music) but of course I am gonna keep that a secret. You never know ;)

QUESTION 5: Do you use any aliases for your music, (band names included?) If so, how did you choose them?

EMMA HEWITT: The band I was in was called Missing Hours. We came up with that name because of all the late night hours that seemed to disappear when we spent six months in the studio recording our first album. We had a really great time in that studio, as well as making some music!

ELSA HILL: Currently I don't use aliases for music but have been thinking about it. ; )

MARCIE: I love reinvention, renewal, or concept projects that can have cool titles, but I don’t have that many aliases. A long time ago, I chose ‘Sarona’ as an alias for a trance project, and I would like to use that again. I recently began to use my middle name, 'Joy' as well as just my first name. I think it makes me feel more complete as an artist. I used to think going by just one name was all I needed, but as I've grown as a writer and vocalist, I am filled with more experience, and renewed vigor. Adding my middle name was a way to refresh the screen, so to speak, and bring out what's new inside me by updating the label on the outside

TIFF LACEY: I have several band names that I'm involved with: Rubikon, Vendetta, Seven Sisters and a new one coming real soon :) Usually I go through the dictionary and suggest to my fellow collaborators, or if I've seen a cool film the name tends to stick - just depends on who comes up with the best idea.

SZEN: Szen, see before. Although it has nothing to do with the name I also use a different image for Szen. The stylist that styles me for the band helped to create a whole new styling for Szen. That makes it easy to feel connected I guess.

Question 6: Would you/Did you change your name for marriage? Why or why not?

EMMA HEWITT: Well, my boyfriend's surname is Reeves, which would make me Emma-Louise Reeves...???? Hmm...

BETSIE LARKIN: I decided to keep my last name when I got married for a few reasons. One is that I feel a strong connection with my name and I don't totally understand the practice of taking someone else's... even though I acknowledge that it's been done for years. I've also been using my name as an artist and it would create a big gap to suddenly switch my name. I've told my husband he is always invited to become a Larkin - no interest there as of yet :) We're both fairly independent thinkers, so we make up the rules as we go along.

ELSA HILL: Wouldn't change my name for marriage. Hill is where I come from, wouldn't want to change it for the world.

LINNEA SCHÖSSOW: I guess would keep my own last name since it’s my own signature but I would also include the "new" name.

MICHELLE KOETH: I'm currently studying and practicing production to produce my own tracks. I'm thinking of using "emfwave" as an alias. I like the gender neutrality of this alias, as I don't believe in gender roles within the EDM subculture. Waves are a fundamental unit of life, so I want to identify with the energy and simplicity that waves represent.

MARCIE: I’m not sure I would change my name for marriage, as that seems to represent a loss of identity. I think marriage should mean sharing a life with someone, forming a family with them, while maintaining and respecting your partner’s history, and individuality. If I have children, I don’t mind whose last name they use. It’s interesting with all this talk of not being able to choose our given names, I suddenly feel greater weight placed on the idea of choosing the name of my imaginary children.  They will be stuck with my choice for quite awhile! I think most importantly, children should feel connected to their caregivers, and a sense of family unity when they leave the nest and go out into the world. Name and origin is something for individuals be proud of, but pride should not prevent us from recognizing our commonality with people from all over time and place.

EMMA LOCK: I am not married yet and have thought long and hard about that. I think I will keep my own name when I get married as I don't like changing things in my life that much, keep things as simple as possible, that’s my way, then it doesn't stress or worry me. Maybe I know myself better these days, I am proud of who I am, and my name stands with me.

SZEN: Hmm, I answered all the questions thinking it was about my first name, haha. Is that a problem?

ARUNA: If I were ever to get married, I'm pretty sure I'd keep my name, perhaps adding my husband's surname after mine. I never quite understood why it was always the woman that had to give up her name. Seems a bit one-sided and traditional for me. Maybe I'll end up getting my husband to adopt my name instead! :)

LORILEE DeSCHRYVER: I didn’t change my name at marriage. I didn’t change it because I've had it all my life...and I love it.


I want to thank the artists for sending in such thoughtful answers to my questions. I realize this list of names is a small representation of the scene, but I hope you enjoyed reading the words of this eloquent and soulful group of trance vocalists.

Thank YOUfor reading today’s column. It’s an honor to facilitate this dialogue between artists and listeners. I hope you will let me know what you think.

Would you like to hear other artists tell us the history of their names?
Who else would you like to hear from?
What does your name mean to you? Write to let me know at

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Check out my interviews with DJ Berrie and Film Composer, Stefan Girardet. Exclusively on!

Stefan Girardet Settles His Score

Funding Self Expression: Celebrity DJ to Producer

Marcie's Lyric Picks Vol. 5: World Cup Edition

► Support from Solarstone Solaris International, Pedro Del Mar, Judge Jules, Anne Savage, Fabio Stein, (Track of The Month on DI.FM), Kristina Sky, and more!

A Song Is Born: In The Artist's Own Words:

"The edge defines us. The border where time as we know it ends. All that came before is defined by all that will happen after.

What were we racing toward?

What did our time mean?
What game did we play?
Did we win or did we lose?

Fight for your passion, fight...for your love.


We find meaning in our existence in a multitude of ways, including through
Art, Sports, Education, and Love. We pursue activities that foster self
expression, discovery, and actualization. We are born equipped with a vast
reservoir of energy to dispel across a lifetime, living to define
ourselves. Overcoming hurdles, we seek moments of transcendence, love that
knows no bounds, and goals worth chasing deep into the abyss of the great

We learn that regrets don't arise from losing. Regrets rear their
ugly heads when we feel we didn't work hard enough, didn't live up to our
potential, gave up too easily, or cut corners that cost us the game. Regrets
are what darken our edge making it a scary destination.

We are inspired by those who seem to approach their edge fearlessly. Those
who storm it full force, or casually meander up to it with self
assurance, recognizing it isn't the finish line.

Winning or losing was never the goal, our journey is always more important
than its end. Stand by each other, for when we all hold hands, nobody goes
over the edge alone...."

LYRICS: World's End

At the end of the world, would you hold my hand
Would you stand by me, would you understand
When the bell it tolls for the end to come
Will you stand by me, watch it come undone

At the end of the world would you run with me
At the end of the world would you come to me
Cuz i'm never gonna give up this fight
I'm gonna be holding on tonight

Raise it up
we're screaming loud
Raise it up
we're screaming loud

There's a champion who lives inside of anyone who tries
Don't turn it down, find the will to survive
And on the field we'll be running hard
Sweatin tears, and crying out our prayers to god

(Will you hold my hand)

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Marcie's Lyric Picks Volume 4: Let's Sing-a-Long!

Marcie's Lyric Picks Volume 4: Let's Sing-a-Long!

I had two sing-a-long experiences recently. When I performed at Luminosity, I had a chance to sing tracks I've written, while people in the crowd were singing the words back to me. It was an incredible feeling to know that we were sharing a musical thought in real time that way. The next night I attended Trance Energy, and caught Emma Hewitt's live performance of 'Waiting'. I stood in the crowd with thousands of others, singing along with Emma. When the chorus hit, Dash Berlin dropped the music down to silence, and a roar of voices sang out the chorus line, "I'm Waaaaiiiiting". It was beautifully powerful, and gave me shivers in a truly ecstatic crowd moment.

The sing-a-long moment at Trance Energy highlighted the power of the human voice. It's breathtaking how a large crowd singing together sounds like one uniform voice. One voice that is in no need of autotune, or amplification. One voice that doesn't need a backing track to cover any imperfections. One single voice alone on a track, (like 'Waiting'), can speak to a million souls. When all those souls sing the song out together, a million souls become one.

Here are some of my favorite tracks to sing along to.

1) Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt- Waiting (see above)
I found this clip on youtube if you'd like to get a taste of Emma live at Trance Energy:

2) Ace of Bass- The Sign

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one's gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong...

These lyrics have to be sung with confidence! They are a declaration of independence fueled on the power that comes from leaving toxic influences behind us.

2) Gloria Gaynour- I Will Survive
Check out Gloria singing live in 1979:

As long as I know how to love
I know I'll stay alive!

I've never heard this track played without a large group of people singing out this triumphant cry. This is music as personal renewal.

3) Ida Corr- Let me think about it

You saying baby
I'll take you for a ride
Let's get together
Work it all night....let me think about it.

The hook here is super flirtatious. It's fun to sing along with, move our bodies, and think about what might come later... It's definitely a line that can be delivered with sass.

4) Armin van Buuren & Roger Shah feat. Chris Jones- Going Wrong

And I can't see today
And I can't see tomorrow
You're burning out my head....
Even if it's going wrong

In his exclusive interview for 'Behind The Lyric', Chris Jones said it was his experience performing 'Going Wrong' live that convinced him he had penned a lyric that everyone could relate to. He said, " When you're playing it live, and absolutely everybody in that singing it back to you onstage, it gives you that special feeling.....That's the reason that people are in this game....that was always a dream of mine when I was younger: to write a song, and have thousands of people singing back your lyrics...."

(Listen to Chris Jones' interview here:

5) Roger Shah feat. Inger Hansen- Don't wake me up

In 'Behind The Lyric- Episode 8', Inger tells us that he tried to speak of common emotions in this track. We all get lost in our dream worlds, and we all wish at times our real lives were more how we imagine them. It can be painful to wake up from a good dream. But, sometimes we sing out loud to wake ourselves up from reality, and enter the dream state that is music.

6) Above & Beyond feat. Ashley Tomberlin- Can't Sleep
(This is the only footage I could find of Ashley live):

And I can't sleep... You're so far away from me
And I can't sleep... And I can't sleep

We have all had nights plagued by the elusiveness of sleep. and then fallen victim to the vicious cycle of stress and insomnia. All we can think about is the fact that we are hurting so badly, and that we can't sleep. And the more we think about it, the more we stay awake. When I hear this song and I'm alone, I may not sing along with it, but just let the words and melody seep into my soul. Ironically, hearing a song sung so gently and emotionally about insomnia can make it easier to relax, which can make it easier to sleep. Singing along can be a soothing way to participate in a relaxing form of meditation.

7) Motorcycle feat. Jes- As The Rush Comes

It's quite obvious that Jes and her audience have an incredible exchange of energy when she performs live. She is a fantastic performer, and because her songs are recognized by so many in the crowd, the crowd is not only watching a show, but participating in it by singing along, and making personal contact with Jes.

8) Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin- Made of Love

It just feels amazing to sing 'We're all made of Love' when standing in a crowd. The line brings everyone together.

Let's think about the potential here.... we all need to use our voice. It's one of our best tools for creating the world we want. So please remember to sing out loud with each other, be heard, and listen to the voices around you.

Stay tuned for more of Marcie's Lyric Picks right here. For more thoughts straight from your favourite Artists on their own lyrics, check out "Marcie presents Behind The lyric" at

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ruckus at The Gala

I WAS SURROUNDED by patrons of the arts. Sipping a pear martini, I was struck by moving flashes of an oversized disco ball. Then I dunked a complimentary cookie into a shot glass of whole milk. The location was an overstocked ruby red dessert lounge, and I was partying on the harbor alongside hired dancers gold flecked in Amazonian getups. Tonight, one of Hollywood’s best known DJ of the stars, Ruckus, was laying it down in full effect.

Normally, I seek out DJ’s in clubs, arenas, or festivals, but tonight I was spoiled by the beats at Boston’s premier modern art museum – the ICA. My desire to meet and hear Ruckus on the decks was what drew me here primarily, but the museum’s modernistic location on the waterfront is second to none. Ruckus is known for being the DJ the rich and famous people call upon for their private parties, and so his set was definitely a treat for the patrons of the ICA.

AT A MERE 24 YEARS OLD, DJ RUCKUS has an outsized amount of experience, having produced for the likes of Janet Jackson, Outkast, and Chris Brown. Outside of pop and RnB, Ruckus prefers to produce his own tracks in house style, because it offers him the most “open space” [to work with]. “I love the freedom of house. It’s extremely creative, and as long as the energy is right, you can do what you like.” Later on, when I got a chance to ask Ruckus to reveal the true meaning of the title of his upcoming album, Electric Sex, he coyly looked in my eyes, and stated matter-of-factly, “When I get behind the turntables, that’s kinda what I call myself.”

Despite his impressive production resume, I didn’t know what to expect from Ruckus as an event DJ. What exactly does someone of his celebrity bring in his DJ bag to this kind of an event? He could easily pop on some top 40’s from the last few decades, as that would probably satiate the crowd of upper-class contemporary art beneficiaries that had gathered at the gala. But where’s the challenge, I wondered? How can a DJ like him be creative in environment like this? Really, what little risk to your DJ reputation could he take by sticking to proven mainstream tracks? Why not support the up and coming struggling artists who aren’t backed by nostalgia, commercial radio, and billions of dollars in marketing? Would we, as a crowd, get to know the real Ruckus, or would he function more as an anonymous jukebox? Why did they hire a superstar DJ from LA in the first place when so many of Boston’s talented DJ’s could use the support?

THEN RUCKUS STARTED TO SPIN. And then he smiled, and then I smiled, and lots of other people smiled. And the dance floor filled. DJ Ruckus was creating mega-mix magic. Perhaps he wasn’t playing brand new, never-before heard, underground tracks, but he was mixing tried and true tracks with an energy and skill that kept the entire room on its feet, dancing and smiling. It was a combo prom-wedding-karaoke night with tunes suited for all audiences. Ruckus brought out song after song that we could recognize and sing along to, and he wasn’t cynically looking down on his audience for enjoying it.

Ruckus was smiling at us because he knows our secret; everyone likes at least some pop songs, and he was permitting us to let loose, to have fun. We were smiling back because we had no choice but to give in to his playfulness. Yes, Ruckus played all pop tunes, but the magic was in the way he played them; mixing seamlessly from one track to the next, leaping across styles, decades, and production styles, mashing the unmashed, switching it up every minute, and drenching us with hooks and hype. He was relentlessly hitting the part of us that can’t ignore the joy that music spreads, and consequently, we remembered that parties are supposed to be happy. There’s a reason why some songs become hits and are remembered by so many people over generations. True, it’s partly the business promoting specific artists ad nauseam, but it’s also because some songs have a feel good factor that we associate with good times, silly food, friendship, and romance. Music is emotionality, and pop has the ability to overtake us in unison, becoming part of the soundtrack of our lives.

OF COURSE I don’t want to hear the same songs every time I go out. I’m interested in independent music because it offers a more diverse musical landscape, and is (theoretically), open to a greater number of artists than mainstream pop culture. I am not a fan of how mainstream culture barricades many struggling artists to disproportionately benefit the select few. I am not a fan of how new independent musicians are victimized by former independent musicians who have now joined the corporate ranks. But it’s exhausting to be a perpetual cynic. Even our underground scenes can be repetitive, and sometimes the attitude of a scenester or hipster party is dreadfully inhibiting. I want my DJ’s to keep their fingers on the pulse, but I don’t always want to hear brand new music. Sometimes I want to hear music I know and love for whatever personal reason, and I want to hear it loud, and I want to sing along, and I don’t want to be criticized for it.

Hearing music alongside a crowd of people is an important way to enjoy it. In a major way, the style of music is not the most important factor for a DJ. If a DJ does their job, a collective happiness makes its way through a crowd, and carries on in each individual long after the event. Everyone is present during the set, self consciousness is thrown to the wind, the time is sweet, and the memories are sweeter.

RUCKUS DID HIS JOB. And he did it well. His skill on the decks is obvious, especially in his understanding that the DJ is being relied upon to provide entertainment. He probably knew the crowd at this event wanted mainly mainstream music. I don’t know if Ruckus liked the crowd, or if secretly he was an uninvested guy just doing his job. I don’t know if he played his personal favorite tracks, or if Ruckus was frustrated that he could not play his own productions all night long. I do know that Ruckus was hired to give a specific crowd a specifically requested type of music. He did not act imprisoned by the demands of his audience. He did not look disdainfully on the older people in the crowd because they loved a hit heard countless times on generic commercial radio. Ruckus gave us the music his live audience would relate to, but he didn’t do it robotically. He stamped his unmistakable imprint all over every track, mixing magic ear candy out of pop puzzle pieces, surprising us with his collage, and keeping the energy non-stop.

I know many event DJ’s refuse to take requests, and I support that position under the right circumstances. In his case, I admire Ruckus because he exercises his creativity on the decks with the music style he was hired to play. Then Ruckus goes into the studio and has the freedom to create his own sound for his target market. He builds his name up in one arena, and that supports his dreams in another. I imagine, by keeping an open mind to all kinds of music, Ruckus learns more about music than if he refused to listen to anything outside his preferred genre. Ruckus spoke to me of his interest in acting. He feels that a big part of being a successful DJ is being entertaining behind the decks. I don’t know how much acting is necessary, but I do have a theory that DJ’s who smile while on the decks are more popular than DJ’s that don’t (I’m unclear of the causal nature of that relationship). In Ruckus’ case, his smile seemed completely genuine. I may be projecting my own utopian ideals onto a DJ whom I only met once, and whom I admittedly watched from a happily inebriated state, (thanks pear martini!), but I feel Ruckus genuinely enjoyed spinning his set, even if the track list does not reflect the music he produces in his studio.

ONE KIND OF ART, when supporting another, can support even more. Not all art is about pop-induced happiness, but it makes for a really fun party when it is.

DJ Ruckus smiling & me smiling....wearing feathers the dancers gave me....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Songs, Statues, & Snails: Marcie in Europe

What you are is a question only you can answer.
Lois McMaster Bujold, The Warrior's Apprentice, 1986

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.
James Thurber (1894 - 1961)

I just returned from Europe. I performed live at Luminosity, and interviewed Artists at Trance Energy for 'Behind The Lyric'.

It was great to meet many people overseas who, until now, I've only known via the internet, as well as new faces I may never have met any other way!

Sometimes we do a thing in order to find out the reason for it. Sometimes our actions are questions not answers.
John Le Carre (1931 - ), Magnus Pym in "A Perfect Spy"

Before & After:
Interviews are one of many ways that we get to know each other. Not only did I interview many artists, I was interviewed myself by various publications. I learned quite a bit from the constant role reversal from Artist to Reporter and back again.

Here are a couple clips for you! Trance Podium talked to me BEFORE I went on stage, and Deejay News Magazine caught up with me AFTER I went onstage.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.
Albert Camus (1913 - 1960)

Never answer a critic, unless he's right.
Bernard M. Baruch (1870 - 1965)

After Holland, I took a trip to Paris, and met up with some friends and colleagues. It was my first time in the city, and all I had heard about its beauty is very true! My favorite parts of the city were its abundance of statues. I never used to be interested in statues, but the ones I saw in Paris has sparked a newfound respect in me. I think it's because most of the statues were very 'active and alive' in appearance. They reminded me of dancers. I was imagining what the city would look like if all its statues came to life for a few hours....:)

My friend accurately called this one a "merliongel" (mermaid lion angel:

Statues were everywhere! Even way up on tops of buildings! Here are cute gargoyles drains on top of Sacré-Cœur.

You know that children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers.
John J. Plomp

Another highlight of Paris is its amazing museums. I particularly liked the Dalí Museum in Montmarte. Look at his gorgeous depiction of a scene from Alice In Wonderland:

Alice is the girl jumping rope. And yes, there was a full size statue of her at the museum too!

There's a lot more to share, and I will be posting more pictures on Facebook.

Before I go, I should tell you that I tried Escargot in Paris. It tasted good, buuuuut once was enough for me.

French crêpes are another story! I can't get enough of those! :)

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 - 1826), The Physiology of Taste, 1825

Monday, March 15, 2010

Marcie interviews Music Network- a place for Artists

There are so many established artists in the scene that I respect and admire, but I know that for every artist who makes it 'big', there are countless aspiring artists trying to share their work. We all deserve to be heard! I've been fortunate over the years to be able to benefit from the internet in ways that have allowed me to connect with many talented people I might not have come across any other way. Nowadays, there are so many social networks, that it can really be confusing to figure out how to use the web effectively for networking, promotion, and discovery. I feel like myspace is not as strong as it used to be as it's saturated with more artists than fans, and every post to me reads like an advertisement instead of a dialogue. Fortunately, there are great minds out there working to keep the internet a place for talents to connect and share productively.

I had a chance to sit down with Chris Zammit Dimech, a founder of Music Network, and he gave me the run down about this rapidly growing site.

Marcie: How does new talent benefit from Music Network?

Chris: The work being done by Music is not to just promote already known artists and tracks but to give a chance to new talents to have their space too.

Marcie: How is Music Network different from other sites like Myspace?

Chris: Many upcoming talents use myspace, but the problem is that you just upload your tracks and that's it. Then it's solely up to you to promote your music and yourself... well with Music it’s different. It's not just a myspace like web portal; it’s a whole network which promotes already known and upcoming talent for free, worldwide. You're not just creating a showcase, you're creating a whole chain of events for yourself.

This is possible because Music gives all hosted artists a dedicated url such as to upload any type of content, being pictures, videos or songs with the ability to create albums and sell them via music, and it doesn't stop here. The online store can be customized by the artist to select which songs to sell or by giving a discount to listeners if they purchase a whole album instead of single tracks. The fun part of our online store is that it can be carried virtually anywhere on the internet, with a simple embed code you can have your online store on 1, 5, 10, 100, 10000s of websites at the same time, with real time update on all websites when you add or change songs, prices or albums on your Music Store.

Marcie: The music business is an ever changing landscape. How are you working to keep Music Network in touch with the needs of its many artists?

Chris: A new add-on feature "Share My Upload" will help artists hosting their tracks on Music to broaden their exposure. It's simple and easy, in fact artists will not even notice the change in the way they currently upload their tracks. As soon as an artist uploads his new track, our system will inform major social networks such as twitter, facebook, myspace and search engines such as google the exact second the song is uploaded, giving real-time exposure, worldwide, for free and increasing song plays and sales.

Marcie: Well, that's a timesaver! It sounds like it will consolidate marketing, so artists don't have to spend so much time posting all over the web. They can devote more time to music itself.

Chris: Other useful features on Music are: a unique Blog for any artist to use, and a Fan Club in which fans will receive latest updates on events, new song uploads, new photo uploads and more.

The video section works hand in hand with youtube. You can easily insert your "youtube" username and all the videos in your youtube channel will be transferred automatically to our Videos Section.

Marcie: You told me that you're tapping into a specific niche in the market for dj's. Can you explain that here?

Chris: Thanks to the Music Network being created, Music gives the chance to dj's who don't aspire to be producers to showcase their talent too. This can be done through our Music Radio. Music radio hosts Radio Shows by professional and well known artists and Guest Mixes by well known and upcoming djs.
Music Magazine is one of our last editions to the Music Network. All of the benefits mentioned above are collected and shared through the net via our Music magazine, featuring artists who have their profile on music, tracks found on the Music website, radio shows and guest mixes, events being sponsored by Music, competitions, Music News and much more. Listeners also have the ability to leave their comments and feedback on any article published on our magazine.

The magazine is also accessible via any mobile device, thus having all your music news and music radio updates on the go, anywhere.

Music also offers free promotion to event organizers who would like to feature Music as a sponsor for their events. For more details regarding advertising packages you can contact Music advertising team on

Marcie: Wow, it seems like you're covering all angles! What's the response been like so far?

Chris: With over 1.8Million hits to date in less than a year on our Music Network and free registration for both artists and listeners, we are more than confident that any artists hosting tracks on Music and event organizers working hand in hand with Music will enjoy the ride to the top.

Thanks so much Chris! Check out Music Network here:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Marcie's Lyric Picks Vol. 2: Being Real

We all feel like outsiders at times. Even amongst friends and families, we all have times when we are not comfortable in our own skin. We worry about how we are viewed by others, and how to fit in. We think about what we have in common with each other, & what our differences are. We struggle with feelings of inadequacy when we compare ourselves with others. We look down on people whom we make the mistake of viewing only superficially. We are afraid be our real selves and we take on personas that might not reflect who we really are or want to be.

Here are some of my favorite tracks that deal with the struggle to be comfortable and happy with who we are.

1) DJ Tiesto- Just Be

"They say learning to love yourself
Is the first step
That you take when you want to be real
Flying on planes to exotic locations
won't teach you
How you really feel"

I feel this track laid some lyrical groundwork for Trance Music. Trance music is meant to take a listener to a state of euphoria where love for others and self acceptance prevail.

2) First State feat. Sarah Howells- Brave

"If I was brave
I’d never get this wrong"

I love how this lyric admits a vulnerability. We all want to be strong and perfect, but we all have times of self doubt, mistakes, and disappointment. We make demands of ourselves that are hard to live up to.

3) Sunlounger feat. Zara- Lost

"Now that you have lost yourself,
oh can anything help you now"

In "Behind The Lyric Episode 7", Zara says this song is about losing control to her desires, betraying herself, and losing her self respect. She realized that without self respect, she felt lost in the world. Writing a song was a way to find herself again.

"Lost" is another track that speaks about following a true path. It's easy to lose ourselves when we give in to temptations and instant gratification. Listening to this track makes me feel that I am not alone, that everyone makes mistakes, and that I can rely on the strength inside myself during challenging times.

4) John O'Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells - Find Yourself

"Looking at life through a loaded gun
Take your best shot, aim it at the sun
Looking at life through a loaded gun
You know you’ll find
You’ll find yourself, you’ll find yourself alone"

This track seems to say that if you focus on superficial, selfish pursuits, then when you finally reach your goals, you will find you're all alone. Are our goals worth achieving if we alienate ourselves and hurt others along our path?

5) Andain- Beautiful Things:

"Stopped pushing on for just a second
Then nothing’s changed
Who am I this time?
Where’s my name?
I guess it crept away"

For me this track is about losing ourselves in a created identity, and then reminding ourselves that natural beauty exists around us all the time.

6) Doppler Effect- Beauty Hides In The Deep:

"Beauty hides in the deep
But its so hard to find
Being wrapped up inside"

7) Kirsty Hawkshaw & Tenisha - Outsiders

"Take a look at yourself as an outsider
Do you like what you see?
You can't see what you're thinking
You can't feel what you're feeling
You could be anyone"

The way Kirsty delivers these lines always makes me stop and think. The melody is part sung, part spoken, and I think that style works very well to get the point across, and set the mood for the rest of the vocal.

8) DJ Hashish feat. Marcie- Look Around

"What is the answer to this fear?
I can't just watch and see
Should I take the easy way out, or should I
Should I just be me?"

When we're afraid, we might let our fear dictate our actions. We need to work hard to find the best solutions to our problems. We can't sit back and let other people do things for us, or try to take the easy way out.

9) OceanLab – On A Good Day

"Been talking to myself forever, yeah
And how I wish I knew me better, yeah
Still sitting on a shelf but never
Never seen the sun shine brighter"

How many of us truly feel we know ourselves? What does it take to know oneself?

10) Julian Vincent Feat. Cathy Burton – Here For Me

"You say I can love me for who I am
Don’t need to change or pretend
To see my own beauty is like breathing happiness
Just trust in my heart
Be real"

I like how this track describes someone telling her that she doesn't have to pretend to be anything other than herself. Love works best when it comes with acceptance.

Stay tuned for more of Marcie's Lyric Picks right here. For more thoughts straight from your favourite Artists on their own lyrics, check out "Marcie presents Behind The lyric" at

Monday, February 1, 2010

Marcie's Lyric Picks Vol. 1: Timely Voices

The passage of time is something every conscious entity has no choice but to experience. The experience of time is a subjective one, and highly dependent on our personal emotional state. When we are heartbroken, time can drag on endlessly. It's the same when we are bored, or feeling purposeless. When we are in love, smiling and laughing, or completely immersed in an activity we enjoy, then time feels like it is flying by. I am sure many of us find listening to music makes time pass more pleasantly.

I have noticed that time is a topic often sung about in Vocal Trance, with artists sharing their own perspective on a moment of time in their life.
Here is a list of some of my favorite Vocal Trance tracks that mention moving forward in time, dreaming of the future, and being influenced by our memories.

1) Nic Chagall feat Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment

"And I can’t deny these memories got me all locked up inside,
And you hold the key"

I think Jonathan expresses a sentiment we have all felt about our memories. Memories can be bittersweet. We need our memories to give our life context, but sometimes it's hard to break free of our memories to start fresh.

2) Armin van Buuren feat. Jaren - Unforgivable

"Well it ain’t over ’till it’s over And my world shuts down
But this comes close, I’ll have you know, It’s just a matter of time"

When I hear this refrain, I hear the pain in Jaren's soul. She is at a breaking point, but instead of breaking completely, she is finding a way to draw on her inner strength and keep moving forward. I love lyrics about approaching the future with a new understanding of the past.

3) Air Hustlers feat. Colleen Riley - Downtime

"Shotgun-bang! And the race is on
I can't meet my deadlines, I can't read the headlines,
I stopped to smell the roses but their season had passed
I need a little down time"
It is sad to think about all the beauty we miss when we rush about our lives with tunnel vision. In Behind The Lyric Episode 1, Colleen Riley says "Downtime....was a chance to write about that oft needed breath that we don't have time to take, or don't make time to take".

4) Mark Pledger Feat. Melinda Gareh – Time Stands Still

"Beyond this faded realm of reason
Time stands still"

Melinda sings about an experience when time seems to stop completely for her. I think sometimes we all want the whirlwind of our life to come to a halt so we can breathe, take a step back, and figure out what is going on, and what we truly want.

5) Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt- Not Enough Time

"I stand before you in the last dance of an old life…"
This line is chilling. It reminds me that times are always changing, and it is our choice how we optimize our use of time.

6) "Andy Duguid feat. Leah- Wasted"

"Wasted all this time, searching
Brought me to my knees"

The tone and melody that Leah uses to sing these words is full of heartache and regret over time wasted searching for something that cannot be found.

7) BT Feat. Jes – Every Other Way

"Heart don’t fail me now
‘Cause there is no time to waste"

Jes beautifully sings about her desire not to waste time in matters of the heart.

8) Oceanlab- Sky Falls Down:

"You lose all sense of reason
You have no sense of danger
It's like you're living in a dream.
It lets you float through crowds and
Makes you smile at strangers
It's just the greatest state of being, Oohh... "

As I said earlier, when we're in love, time flies. Lovers fill time with daydreams, hopes, fantasies, and a sense of contentment. These lyrics strike me as incredibly romantic, but also have a sense of desperation and intensity that perhaps cannot be maintained for long. It makes me wonder how long does the euphoric state of love last?

9) Tydi & Dennis Sheperd feat.Marcie- Somehow

"If you could see into the future, would you do it different now?"
When I'm faced with very difficult decisions, I desperately wish I could see into the future for guidance. Since we can't see into crystal balls, it is important not to ignore advice from people who have life experience that we can benefit from.

10) Tritonal feat. Hannah Sky – Jump Off

"So here we go again
Sometimes I feel nothing’s gonna change
Let’s jump off, into time"
I like the idea that sometimes we have to jump start our future, and now is as good a time as any to do that!

Stay tuned for more Marcie Lyric Picks right here. For more thoughts straight from your favorite Artists on their own lyrics, check out "Marcie presents Behind The lyric":

Robbie Rivera Interview by Dimitri Kechagias

You heard Robbie Rivera tell his story on 'Behind The Lyric Episode 16', and you will LOVE this extensive interview with Robbie, (conducted by Dimitri Kechagias from “Flux BPM on the Move”)

Interview with Robbie Rivera about his album 'Closer to the Sun' out now via Black Hole recordings

Dimitri: It will be great to let us know if you believe that electronic dance music, and particularly House music, is the best music in the world and why? Is there any kind of EDM you just hate so much that you can even stand it for a second and why?

Robbie: I think EDM is one of the best types of music in the world because it simply makes you want to dance period. Happy vibes are the best, you know what I mean. I like all types of dance music but hardcore banging 150 BPM is just nuts!!!

Dimitri: Who are the 3 most important figures in dance music that have the most impact upon you, and have influenced the kind of music you play and produce?

Robbie: Hmm I started early in 1995, so I must say David Morales, MAW & Armand Van Helden.

Dimitri: You have been voted many times by your fans, as one of the best house DJ’s. Which elements do you think are consistent with a good and successful DJ (mixing skills, choice of best tracks, etc)?

Robbie: I think the choice of music.......(READ MORE HERE!!!)

Dimitri Kechagias is a music journalist and radio dj for many years now specializing in trance, progressive and lately house sounds. He is currently working on his Phd about the of state of Music Journalism in Greece with particular reference in the way that new technologies like internet have changed the enviroment and the way that music journalists do their profession. He is currently in charge of the radio shows, Flux Bpm on the move, and Flux presents house anthems only. The show, Flux bpm on the move, started as an fm only radio show broadcasted in his region in Greece and now is streamed on , , and and on the greek fm station Viva 95,3 fm []. The production of the show takes a lot of hard and passionate work. Along with his show he is conducting written, video and radio interviews with EDM artists as well as doing reviews of the latest releases for various web sites. His dream to set up his own label or to become an A&R in an established record label. Music business is really exciting...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thievery Corporation (Interview)

Thievery Corporation appears in Behind The Lyric Episode 16. I am inspired by the way they integrate their social consciousness into their music. Here are some highlights from my conversation with Thievery Corporation.

1) Background & Working Together:

"Once we started working together, it opened doors to really express ourselves musically....and try to forge our own sound".

Unlearning Your History....

"That's kind of where the real fun comes can see things for what they really are".

Respecting Opinions....

"In the studio, it's good when you have two...if half the room doesn't like it, then maybe you're not really going down the right road. Especially if you respect the others opinion".

2) Connecting With The Lyrics...

"I might want to choose my words carefully and say something you yourself feel is important".

"A band like Rage Against The Machine makes more sense to me than kind of just listening to people who are just about like 'Dance your cares away and put your ostrich head in the sand....'"

3) Warning Shots & Radio Retaliation

"About the control of many by a few...and who are the few...."
"Keeping people in a prison of fear and ignorance"

4)Alternative Views:

"We found the alternative theories were often times the most plausible....the people in the mainstream are not really telling us anything worthwhile. It's kind of an upside down world"

5) Meaning of Amerimacka...Meaning of Truth & Rights:

"It is a paradox. The capital in our hometown is built by slaves. What is freedom?"

Music & Censorship:

"We did an anti-war concert in D.C., and a person who used to work at the IRS told us 'if you do that, you will be audited', and two weeks later we were audited."

"Music is potentially really powerful, and that's why MTV not have interesting Artists with any sort of impassioned message take the airwaves."

"In the hip hop world...lyrically what's happening is just so cut off from what it originated as."

6) Why have live vocals on stage?

"People kind of crave that human connection....We've seen enough DJ's...we've been part of that culture for a long time".

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