Friday, December 4, 2009

Want History of House? Talk to MsDD!

I recently had the honor of meeting DJ MsDD, a long time music journalist with a resume that blows my mind. MsDD has been covering House music since its beginnings, and is a walking encyclopedia of the how and why house music is what it is today. Talking to MsDD is a lot of fun! Experts like MsDD are an incredible resource of house music history. I feel up and coming Artists can benefit greatly from a fuller understanding of what has come before us in the dance music scene.

Some points in her resume that stand out most to me:

-MsDD has interviewed many music icons, including Donna Summer, Parliament Funkadelic, and Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire. Her writings have appeared in Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, and The Boston Phoenix.
-In 1991, MsDD wrote a GUIDE TO THE 800 BEST DISCO TRACKS, which was published as part of the ALL MUSIC GUIDE...

-MsDD invented the term, "Turntable Jazz". I LOVE this idea! She says she invented it because,

"...turntable improvisation was no different from jazz improvisation on any instrument; nor was the music produced from these improvisations anything but jazz: the real thing. I still think so. I was brought up on jazz when it was every note a dance music, and a jazz-head I still am".

Nowadays you can get MsDD's musings a few different ways. She has a Music & Discussion Webcast, titled "THE TRANNY-SPHERE," hosted at She also has a "Gods of House" series where she is posting classic clips of historically important House DJ performances:

For example, check what she says about this video:

"Anybody who doubts that house has deep jazz roots should find enlightenment in this excellent 6 minute vid of legendary North Jersey DJ TONY HUMPHRIES spinnin' the swing, the changes, the rhythm, the quick-cuts, and the pizzazz at a club in Italy."

Find MsDD online at

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