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Marcie interviews Music Network- a place for Artists

There are so many established artists in the scene that I respect and admire, but I know that for every artist who makes it 'big', there are countless aspiring artists trying to share their work. We all deserve to be heard! I've been fortunate over the years to be able to benefit from the internet in ways that have allowed me to connect with many talented people I might not have come across any other way. Nowadays, there are so many social networks, that it can really be confusing to figure out how to use the web effectively for networking, promotion, and discovery. I feel like myspace is not as strong as it used to be as it's saturated with more artists than fans, and every post to me reads like an advertisement instead of a dialogue. Fortunately, there are great minds out there working to keep the internet a place for talents to connect and share productively.

I had a chance to sit down with Chris Zammit Dimech, a founder of Music Network, and he gave me the run down about this rapidly growing site.

Marcie: How does new talent benefit from Music Network?

Chris: The work being done by Music is not to just promote already known artists and tracks but to give a chance to new talents to have their space too.

Marcie: How is Music Network different from other sites like Myspace?

Chris: Many upcoming talents use myspace, but the problem is that you just upload your tracks and that's it. Then it's solely up to you to promote your music and yourself... well with Music it’s different. It's not just a myspace like web portal; it’s a whole network which promotes already known and upcoming talent for free, worldwide. You're not just creating a showcase, you're creating a whole chain of events for yourself.

This is possible because Music gives all hosted artists a dedicated url such as to upload any type of content, being pictures, videos or songs with the ability to create albums and sell them via music, and it doesn't stop here. The online store can be customized by the artist to select which songs to sell or by giving a discount to listeners if they purchase a whole album instead of single tracks. The fun part of our online store is that it can be carried virtually anywhere on the internet, with a simple embed code you can have your online store on 1, 5, 10, 100, 10000s of websites at the same time, with real time update on all websites when you add or change songs, prices or albums on your Music Store.

Marcie: The music business is an ever changing landscape. How are you working to keep Music Network in touch with the needs of its many artists?

Chris: A new add-on feature "Share My Upload" will help artists hosting their tracks on Music to broaden their exposure. It's simple and easy, in fact artists will not even notice the change in the way they currently upload their tracks. As soon as an artist uploads his new track, our system will inform major social networks such as twitter, facebook, myspace and search engines such as google the exact second the song is uploaded, giving real-time exposure, worldwide, for free and increasing song plays and sales.

Marcie: Well, that's a timesaver! It sounds like it will consolidate marketing, so artists don't have to spend so much time posting all over the web. They can devote more time to music itself.

Chris: Other useful features on Music are: a unique Blog for any artist to use, and a Fan Club in which fans will receive latest updates on events, new song uploads, new photo uploads and more.

The video section works hand in hand with youtube. You can easily insert your "youtube" username and all the videos in your youtube channel will be transferred automatically to our Videos Section.

Marcie: You told me that you're tapping into a specific niche in the market for dj's. Can you explain that here?

Chris: Thanks to the Music Network being created, Music gives the chance to dj's who don't aspire to be producers to showcase their talent too. This can be done through our Music Radio. Music radio hosts Radio Shows by professional and well known artists and Guest Mixes by well known and upcoming djs.
Music Magazine is one of our last editions to the Music Network. All of the benefits mentioned above are collected and shared through the net via our Music magazine, featuring artists who have their profile on music, tracks found on the Music website, radio shows and guest mixes, events being sponsored by Music, competitions, Music News and much more. Listeners also have the ability to leave their comments and feedback on any article published on our magazine.

The magazine is also accessible via any mobile device, thus having all your music news and music radio updates on the go, anywhere.

Music also offers free promotion to event organizers who would like to feature Music as a sponsor for their events. For more details regarding advertising packages you can contact Music advertising team on

Marcie: Wow, it seems like you're covering all angles! What's the response been like so far?

Chris: With over 1.8Million hits to date in less than a year on our Music Network and free registration for both artists and listeners, we are more than confident that any artists hosting tracks on Music and event organizers working hand in hand with Music will enjoy the ride to the top.

Thanks so much Chris! Check out Music Network here:

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  1. That looks awesome! That's a nice platform for upcoming artists and well known artists as well. I never really got into MySpace! It looks to me it's like an early-2000s design, it's not really nice... it looks old and too complicated! Even Facebook, which has more features than MySpace, looks more simple than that! MN now offers an easy way to promote their (artists') work! I think you can imagine how it's gonna make your life much more easier! ;) You are also doing a very hard work promoting your music! I guess I can only see a small fraction of what you're doing on the web!


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