Monday, February 1, 2010

Robbie Rivera Interview by Dimitri Kechagias

You heard Robbie Rivera tell his story on 'Behind The Lyric Episode 16', and you will LOVE this extensive interview with Robbie, (conducted by Dimitri Kechagias from “Flux BPM on the Move”)

Interview with Robbie Rivera about his album 'Closer to the Sun' out now via Black Hole recordings

Dimitri: It will be great to let us know if you believe that electronic dance music, and particularly House music, is the best music in the world and why? Is there any kind of EDM you just hate so much that you can even stand it for a second and why?

Robbie: I think EDM is one of the best types of music in the world because it simply makes you want to dance period. Happy vibes are the best, you know what I mean. I like all types of dance music but hardcore banging 150 BPM is just nuts!!!

Dimitri: Who are the 3 most important figures in dance music that have the most impact upon you, and have influenced the kind of music you play and produce?

Robbie: Hmm I started early in 1995, so I must say David Morales, MAW & Armand Van Helden.

Dimitri: You have been voted many times by your fans, as one of the best house DJ’s. Which elements do you think are consistent with a good and successful DJ (mixing skills, choice of best tracks, etc)?

Robbie: I think the choice of music.......(READ MORE HERE!!!)

Dimitri Kechagias is a music journalist and radio dj for many years now specializing in trance, progressive and lately house sounds. He is currently working on his Phd about the of state of Music Journalism in Greece with particular reference in the way that new technologies like internet have changed the enviroment and the way that music journalists do their profession. He is currently in charge of the radio shows, Flux Bpm on the move, and Flux presents house anthems only. The show, Flux bpm on the move, started as an fm only radio show broadcasted in his region in Greece and now is streamed on , , and and on the greek fm station Viva 95,3 fm []. The production of the show takes a lot of hard and passionate work. Along with his show he is conducting written, video and radio interviews with EDM artists as well as doing reviews of the latest releases for various web sites. His dream to set up his own label or to become an A&R in an established record label. Music business is really exciting...

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