Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glow Stick Garden

Winter is in full force, and there's lots of snow everywhere. I love the fresh air, and crisp starry nights. Even when it's dark and cold, I try to find things to do outside! Here are pics from some of my recent winter activities:

Glow Stick Garden:

I received a gift of glowsticks from a friend. We decided to light them all up at once, and arrange them in the dark in freshly fallen snow. Thus, we made a 'Glow Stick Garden'!! Unfortunately, we forgot that cold air makes glow sticks stop our lovely garden did not last long. This is a picture of it before it faded away.

Niagara Falls:

I took a snowy tour of Niagara Falls in late December. The Falls are on the border of the United States and Canada, and are made up three parts. On the American Side are 'American Falls'. The 'Horseshoe Falls' straddle the U.S./Canada border, and look like...well...a horseshoe. The Falls were formed by Glaciers, and in addition to being beautiful to look at, they provide hydroelectric power for the region.

Me and my new friend....

You can sort of hear the falls in the video below. They were very loud in person. 600,000 gallons of water rushing over per second!

I couldn't get to the Canadian side on this trip, but I found a picture online of Horseshoe Falls....does anyone remember the scene that took place here in Superman 1?

American Falls At Night:

American Falls In Daylight:


  1. Nice pic! You look awesome (just to be original :p)

    And nice garden! I beleive they grow pretty well during winter as nights are longer. :) You need some red seeds though! ^^

  2. The glow stick garden is rly cool! ;)


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