Sunday, October 11, 2009


This weekend I took a break from EDM, and attended a street festival called, "Honkfest. At first, when my friend invited me to go, I was sure he said we were going to 'Punkfest'. So I was surprised to show up and find a festival of radical and activist marching bands! There was also a hoop troupe, puppeteers, visual artists, and organizations that promote transportation alternatives and environmental and social justice, such as Bikes Not Bombs.

My favorite group at the festival was the "What Cheer Brigade", ( They mixed up fun, danceable party music with a hardcore edgy appearance. I don't condone smoking, but I had to laugh when I saw that the trombone player was actually smoking a cigarette in between playing his horn!


It was a great community event, with people of all ages dancing in the streets to a music style we don't get to hear live very often. As an Artist, who spends much of my time listening to music produced electronically, it was refreshing to hear music made without any electricity at all.

It was nice also to see people of all ages sharing a joint outdoor music festival. The weather was gorgeous, and the smell of autumn was in the air.

In any case, Honk Bands aren't my favorite music style, but I enjoyed seeing talented people make music in a way I've not seen before. I don't think the music would have come across as well without the visual of seeing the instruments played live. It was the musicians visual enthusiasm that really made an impact on me. Sometimes I forget how important music has always been to fostering community spirit and connectivity.

I wish I had seen bands like that when I was growing up. As a kid, I never realized the tuba could be played while wearing a silly costume, and dancing around the streets! Maybe I would have been inspired to play a horn instrument as well as singing!

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